Stock Balance report not changing even after editing


After update I lost the Warehouse Wise Stock Balance Report.
Now I am trying to use Stock Balance Report but there are certain columns I don’t need.
So I have tried editing the file. I have removed the unwanted columns from the code. However, the columns still appear even after I clear cache and refresh. Where else do I need to make changes??


What changes have you made?

Hi Rushabh,

Sorry to inform that my Hard drive crashed and now nothing is working. So will come back when I am up and running again.


Bad luck. Hope you had the backups!

Ok. Now it is running again.

I have renamed the file to stock_balance_old.old file but I can still see the report as it is in the erpnext even after clearing cache. Earlier I tried removing unneeded columns from the .py file but there was no effect on the report.

So how do I actually make changes to the report??

Maybe you are looking at the wrong report file? Or wrong repository?

I am looking inside frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/stock/report/stock_balance folder

Is it the correct location where I am looking??

Can you share your updated file? And to ensure you are editing correct file, use print statement, they will be printed in the serve terminal window.

Hi Nabin

I really don’t know how to edit the .py file but I will make something workable with trial and error.
But the thing is if I just remove the .py file from the folder shouldn’t it stop working?? I have tried renaming the .py file to something else but it is still working. At first stage I am just trying to identify if I am tinkering with the correct file.

Satish Gupta

Python will drop a .pyc file. Your system will stop working if you delete the .pyc file.