Stock Balance Report Print Issue | You are not allowed to print this report

Dear Community,

I have faced a warning when i try to print or pdf the Stock Balance Report, what is going wrong with this report, even i have tried from Administrator as well but same warning from system.


you should be able to, what does the warning say?

Assign “Print” permission for “Stock Ledger Entry” document.

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Hi Mayar,
Login with administrator
setup\DocType\Stock Ledger Entry\ Permission rules\ select role and check the print option

Thank you Santosh

I have the same problem but when I tried allow the printed int the “Permission rules” this option is not allowed.
What can I do?

I hope you can help me.

Ronald Olivo

I have the same problem as ronaldolivo. cannot change settings to print stock balance report.
any solution so far?


I had the same issue. You can change the permissions in setup/Role Permissions Manager then select Stock Ledger Entry in the first selection box. Then you can change the permissions.