Stock Balance - User Permision

Hello community, i have this issue where i can define user permision in stock entry limiting user to not create material receipt, but the same user can open the STOCK SUMMARY or http://host/desk#stock-balance and add or move the items in there, creating a stock entry. How can hide the add butom , or block the creation of stock entrys from there.

i use this scrip in stock entry:

frappe.ui.form.on("Stock Entry", {
    validate: function(frm) {
        if(user=="" && frm.doc.purpose=="Material Receipt") {
            msgprint("No esta Autorizado para recepcion de Materiales");
            validated = false;

@Randy_Lowery yeah you are right. Custom script does not work with Stock Summary.

Maybe you can disable its “Page Role” (go to Page List, and the set the role)

Hi @rmehta Thankyou for taking your time to point me to a solution. Actually i found that option yesterday and i believe is valid option for security reasons. But i myself find the stock summary really helpful, time saving and fast way for keeping high volume stock transfers up to date with the physical stock. Right now i use any phone or tablet paired with a wireless bar-code scanner and is easy and portable. That is the reason why i was trying to block the add stock button only so other user can transfer but not to add.