Stock Conversion in the same warehouse


Pls can you guide me on how to do the stock entry on the system for example. We are converting a product from whole to already cut. The cutting processing involves a cost hence the cost price of the already cut option will be different and also the selling price.We want to be able to track the conversion so the inventory of both items (Whole and Already cut) can be managed via erpnext.

Pls let me know if you need further clarification.

Hope you can help.

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You should create a Stock Entry with purpose as “Repack”. In one row, issue the whole item from the warehouse and in the other rows receive the cutted items with increased valuation rate.

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couple of questions

  1. The 2 items have the same source and target warehouse.
  2. How do i receive the cut items in the other rows? Is there a video or a guide?

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Set source warehouse for First item and target warehouse for second item (cut one).

Make a whole one as batch item so you can track it