Stock decrease from BOM of particular Item when used in POS

Hello, Can POS and BOM work together like, I have few items with predefined BOM. when I use those Item in the POS then materials which are in the BOM should be reduced. Any ideas on how this use case can be implemented??

Hello, Would you mind elaborating it further.
As per current design, the item if booked from POS, the inventory of the that item is reduced from the warehouse.

Hello @ArundhatiS Thanks for replying. I Want that some of the item which has BOM and when POS is made stock from its BOM is reduced. this king of requirement are required for restaurant and cafe type of business. they make recipes of particular item and they want to manage their kitchen inventory. Is ther any way to achieve such scenario?

@Deep Did find any solution for this?
I am looking for it.