Stock Details Corrections and Clarifications

Hi all,
I have entered the stock of qty 10 in store warehouse, and send that item for production with qty 4 in store warehouse. Transferred that qty 4 to the manufacturing from in store warehouse to Finished Goods warehouse. and then when giving for manufactured qty as 4. This 4 is taken from the store warehouse not from the Finished Goods Warehouse.
For Clarification Please see the image.

What is the question?

Hi @rmehta, Here what i want is that I have sent the qty for manufacturing from store to finished warehouse. Then while updating the finished manufactured qty should be taken from the qty sent for manufacturing ie. from finished warehouse. But it is taking from the store stock. instead of finished stock. Please tell is it correct or not. if correct tell me how.

What is the Work in Progress warehouse selected in Production Order? If it is store, stock of raw-material will be deducted from WIP warehouse i.e. store warehouse.

You should maintain separate WIP warehouse, different from Store and Finish Goods warehouse. Raw material required for manufacturing should be transferred to that warehouse, and then get consumed from there. Check:

Hi @umair Thanks for your reply I will check and get back to you