Stock entries at warehouse, consumable store, finished goods stores etc.. to show only quantity and not values

Stock entries to be passed at warehouses, consumables store, finished goods store, or depot, branches etc… the user at stores level should be able see only quantity and no values to be displayed in screen - the finance team should be able to pick up these stock in / out and submit financial entry - the management does not want any store person to see any values for any items, he should be only concerned with pure quantities - whether it is Raw Material movement to Factory or Factory to Finished goods depo, sale entry from FG Store, spare parts warehouse issues and receipts etc…

But in ERPnext the value and quantity is connected to each other and appearing in same screen and also when both quantity and value are saved and submitted, then only the stock ledger is updated and financial entry is passed automatically by ERPnext.

So how to split this entry screen between two users - stores person to handle only quantity and accounts department only values.

We want to install erpnext at various transaction places within the factory - like Raw Material store, Factory work-in-progress area, spare and consumable store, finished goods store, depot. / branches etc… where the user can only see quantity and not value. But he should be able to post the quantity and view the stock ledger with out values.

But accounts department can view the financial transactions posted, edit it if not correct and see all stock ledgers with values etc…

Also for entry of stock receipts, as per ERPnext basic value to supplier and other landed cost has to be saved and submitted in values - then only stock ledger and financial entry is passed.

How to do the same in ERPnext - as ERP should be De-centralised at various transaction places of stock and stock user should updated his stock in / out in the system.

Please help me - to know if this is possible in ERPnext…

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@bala welcome to the ERPNext Community Forum
You can define Field Level permision in ERPNext
Please read

Permission “Levels”: In each document, you can
group fields by “levels”. Each group of field is denoted by a unique
number (0, 1, 2, 3, etc.). A separate set of permission rules can be
applied to each field group. By default all fields are of level 0.

Permission “Level” connects the group of fields with level X to a permission rule with level X.

So, you can increase level of currency field and restrict store person to see values in Stock Entry.

Okay thanks for your response, We will understand first on how the permission role works and try this in our manufacturing setup here.

But just, what we are looking at is, for e.g :-

  1. suppose in Raw Material warehouse a 10kg Raw Material item is received, can the store keeper create purchase receipt for quantity received without values and submit it also - so that he can view the stock ledger with quantity only.

  2. Can the Accounts department edit the purchase receipt with correct supplier cost and landed cost financial value, and post it again.

Can the entry in 1. above save and submit quantity entry without values ( no financial entry will be passed as values will not be there ).

This logic should also work for Raw Material transfer from RM Warehouse to Factory Work-in-progress and then from factory to finished goods warehouse ( where RM is consumed and Finished goods are produced and transferred ) - where factory person only enters the quantity consumed and finished goods produced - but can not see the BOM and other financial transaction at each stage - but factory person can save the submit without values - and his stock is updated. The finance team, should be able to view and edit the financial part ( including time logs ).

Similarly for sales - warehouse person at Finished goods store only issues via Delivery note the FG Stock without values and also post and submits it and can view the changes in his stock ( the finance team as referred above edits, saves, posts and submits the same as regards financial entry is concerned ).

Similarly in many other areas where ever stock is involved.

Is all the above possible by role change / permission level change , in ERPnext please…

@bala Yes can do all above operation in ERPNext with required user permission.

Its best to try ERPNext

please see this video and try entering transaction.
Its best to test your use case in system by entering dummy transaction