Stock Entry and Accounts entry value is different and arbitrary

Hi All,
This problem has been bugging me for some time, (Our Negative Stock option is enabled). My item has not FiFo enabled.
I made a Stock receipt, shown below, (The item had a negative stock count)

As I’m expecting the Accounts Entry Value same as “Total Incoming Value”, I was surprised to see the below Account Entry for the same transaction,

Would anyone be able enlighten, how could this be happening?


Can you show us Stock Ledger for that item only?

Thank You

Hi @drthilina,

It seems like the Voucher No STE078-0007-1 was re-posted after the original Material Receipt entry was cancelled. Have you confirmed that the voucher numbers are the same?

Here is the screen shot from the Stock ledger

Even in this it seems right. This is only different on the accounts ledger.

The voucher got re-posted because we got the this result last time and we thought it could have been an entry error, but after checking and posting, the result was the same.

Thank you, appreciate the help