Stock entry and Third Party vendor Modification

Dear Team ,

I would like to request you to guide me on below Scenario if possible :

1.User will order goods for Production or to keep in stock
2.User will receive Goods ( Raw materials) and send those materials for modification or processing to thrid party vendor

3.User will received finished goods and make entry to stock and old unfinished goods has to removed from stock…

Is there any way to implement this scenario in erpnext.Thnak you for Cooperation in advance

Hi @Sathams_Tech_TV,

I think the trick you are looking for is

  • make sure there are two items: the raw item and the finished item
  • make a BOM for the finished item, deriving it from the raw one (and add external steps or costs as incurred).
  • then, perform a manufacturing, which will take raw and convert it to finished.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply.Got an answer through subcontracting :

Really Appreciate for your response