Stock Entry, Basic Rate returning 0, affected by change in issue #13432


wrt change in issue Add 0 value items in FIFO stack · Issue #13185 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Is this change only for FIFO, we use Moving Average and we are facing issue with 0 basic rate in Stock Entry, as there is a previous SLE with 0 valuation rate.

Ideally it should get valuation_rate > 0 from SLE, if not, get Item Valuation Rate or Price

@rmehta @nabinhait @rohit_w

any explanation please?

Hi @schilgod

What is incoming value of that item? If it’s zero then outgoing value should be zero otherwise your stock value difference will be negative.

Hi @rohit_w,

The item has no incoming value as its not been purchased yet.
It is a new item.

Below is the workflow,

  1. Transfer from Warehouse 1 to Warehouse2
    Basic Rate = Item Price (Since no transaction before for this item)
    After Stock Entry, Valuation Rate = 0 (Warehouse 1)

  2. Transfer from Warehouse 1 to Warehouse 3
    Now in the Stock Entry form, the basic rate is shown as 0, because its picking the Stock Ledger Entry from previous Stock Entry.

I think if its a Stock Entry transaction and valuation rate=0, then it should look for any warehouse valuation rate, since the item is never received in Warehouse 1.