Stock Entry difficulties

Please I need assistant on how to go around this.
My company just got license into the ERPNext and we are having difficulties on certain issues.
The background to our operations.
We sell books, and to get our books as inventory we sometimes contract oversea company who print and shipped to us, the entire cost is included in the valuation of the items.
however, we have local printers who print for us, this printers we supply them with materials needed for printing (majorly papers), the difficulty we are having is how we treat this on the ERP.
We have looked at the option of subcontracting but the whole cost of the paper and the printing cost from the printers invoice all goes to the printer.
Please I need all the help I can get on this.
If more information is required kindly ask.

Hi @Sydman
You can view this video for step by step instructions on how to use the Subcontracting Module in ERPNext

The way Subcontracting would work is

  1. You supply Raw Materials to Subcontractors
  2. The Raw Material supplied is recorded via a Transfer entry after creating a Purchase Order (with Item Subcontracted)
  3. After receiving the Subcontracted Item, the valuation of the Item will be a sum of value of Raw Materials (let us say 100)+ Sub Contracting Amount (let us say 300) = Total 400

If you can explain what issue you are facing here, we can try to help you

Please explain your issue in detail with screenshots if possible



Thank you for the response, I appreciate, the solution works well for me, but it left me with some question.

  1. The valuation of the stock item is not sum up, maybe its me not finding the right thing. Please help.
  2. Why is the Other leg of the account is ‘’ Stock Received but not yet bill ‘’ see attachment.



Do you mean the valuation of item when you receive from your sub contractor is not added to the subcontracted item?
In this case, you will have to check your configurations, check on the item master if you have checked “Supply Raw Materials for Purchase” flag

This is because ERPNext follows Double Entry system for Stock Accounting. Please read this documentation for more information

Hope this helps.