Stock Entry is not Automatic Calculate for Backdate Transaction

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Based on the picture above, I need to know why when Iam creating backdate PO then receipt itu the stock quantity not update.
First of all in the row 3 I create opening stock for all item in the stock reconciliation menu.
Turn out the quantity is not enough to do the manufacturing, so I create stock entry and receipt as its purpose. Then the manufacturing doing well.

Then I testing create backdate PO then receipt it, but after I check the stock ledger the quantity I receipt not automate calculate with the current stock.

Iam sorry but can someone explain to me what happen?
Thank you.

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Once you do the stock reconciliation, it’ll not carry forward the impact of backdate entry.

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Thank you for reply me.

In my case, there are PO that happen in July and the receipt process continue until this month.
If I set the opening stock then the receipt qty will not calculate the opening stock right?
What should I do then?
Do I have to add stock for each item not using opening stock?
Any advise?

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in your case Opening Stock Entry can be done through Stock Entry with Purpose “Material Receipt” instead of Stock Reconciliation.

Ah yes, I ever do that once.
But In my company, when I receipt item I need to input customs document.
So if I am using stock entry with purpose “Material Receipt” to update my item stock, I need to input the customs document as per item’s receipt. This is going to take forever.

What if I am using stock reconciliation to update my item stock?
Because after I check the account, both of them using Stock Adjustment in accounting tab.

if you want to use stock reconciliation, all adjustments or backdate entry should be posted after the reconciliation entry. even a minute difference will work.

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Thank you so much for your explanation.
It means a lot to me