Stock Entry Material Receipt Ledger Entry 3rd decimal digit error

We have found a peculiar problem in Stock Entry Material Receipt. When a material receipt is created the value is accurate. But when it is Submitted system is ignoring the 3rd decimal digit during posting to Accounting Ledger. I can understand if it rounding off but it is just plain ignoring the 3rd digit which is creating difference between stock ledger and its financial value. It’s small amount but over time it balloons up.

This issue is found in almost all installation. The ignoring of 3rd digit is only in Material Receipt. All currency precision and currency settings is set correctly for 3 decimal digits. Fractions is also perfect.

Maybe it’s a bug in Stock Entry for countries that have 3 decimal digits. No one has reported here as most of them have 2 decimal digits currency which does not affect the system. Here’s screen shots of an item which should have ledger entry of 58.463 but it posted as 58.460.

Anyone who has faced this issue and how you fixed it?
Issue found in
ERPNext: v11.1.75 (version-11)

Frappe Framework: v11.1.67 (version-11)

Fixed it in my server. Hi @michelle would be kind enough and ask someone from Frappe to look into this and merge it please. For currencies with 3 decimal digits this is an important fix. Thank you.

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