Stock Entry or Purchase Receipt

I’m new about ERPNEXT and I have somw doubt about the use of purchase receipt instead of stock entry.

My case is the following:

My supplier ship raw material in two ways:

  1. In the first case he send material to me with transport document that directly generate a buying invoice

2)In the second case he ship material to me, but this document do not generate an invoice. This material wii increase my stock, but it will generate an invoice only after it’s using. It’s a consignement stock.

Can someone help me about how and what type of document I have to use for these two different cases?

Thanks for your support

Hi @alaurucci,

For direct purchases with immediate invoicing: When you directly purchase materials and receive an invoice along with the shipment, use a Purchase Receipt. This document serves to acknowledge the receipt of the goods and updates your inventory levels accordingly. You can then easily link this Purchase Receipt to the supplier’s invoice, ensuring that your financial records are updated to reflect the new liabilities and the stock addition simultaneously.

For consignment stock (invoiced upon usage): For consignment stock, where you receive goods but are not billed until you actually use them, start by recording the receipt of these goods with a Purchase Receipt. This step is crucial as it updates your inventory without affecting your financial accounts, since you aren’t incurring any cost at the point of receipt. When you eventually use these consignment items, document their transition from consignment to active inventory by creating a Stock Entry. This action is important for tracking the usage of stock and ensuring accurate stock levels and cost accounting in your system.

thanks for your rapid answer.
For the purchase situation it’s clear.

Instead for the consignment stock the problem is that I use the raw material arrived with the same document in different date, sometimes also in different month, so activate the purchase receipt as ready to be invoiced can not be the solution. The supplier infact send the invoice only for the item (specific serial code) used in production.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I’d like to do something like this:

There is the possibility to have a purchase receipt that can’t be invoiced? For example basing on naming series, If I use a specific naming series (buying document) the document will be available for linking with Invoice document, otherwise (consigment document) the document will be not selectable for invoicing process. This is possible?

An alternative can be use Stock entry for consigment stock shipment, In this case I have to add to the form all informations about supplier that there arent’ in the actual form, But I think this can be done.

About the using of the material instead, can I create a document that remove items from stock and that could be used as attach to invoice sent by supplier? Can I use stock Entry for this? This type of document can be linked to a supplier invoice?


Do you have any suggestion for managing this situation?

Please ket me know
Many Thanks