Stock Entry or stock reconciliation

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please update , i want to put opening balance in ERP, which way will be most accurate. Stock is already available in store.

1- stock Entry
2- stock reconciliation

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Stock reconciliation is the standard option available for updating opening stock in case of Non Serial No items.

Refer following link

Dear Mr. Thomasp

Can you please update what is exactly Non Serial No. items?

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It is already explained in the link provided with previous reply.

Difference between Serialized and Non-serialized Items.

A serial number is a unique, identifying number or group of numbers and letters assigned to an individual Item. Serialized items are generally high value items for which you need to warranty’s and service agreements. Mostly items as machinery, equipments and high-value electronics (computers, printers etc.) are serialized.

Non Serialized items are generally fast moving and low value item, hence doesn’t need tracking for each unit. Items like screw, cotton waste, other consumables, stationary products can be categorized as non-serialized.