Stock Entry : Order Serial No. at dropdown

Hi ERPNext,

Is there a way to order the Serial Number dropdown list (by name) at Stock Entry when we click the ‘Add Serial No.’ button :

Thank you.

Currently it is ordered by name. Which order it should be? Any suggestions?

Hi Nabin,

Currently, the order does not seem to be by name, there is 000001 and then 000020 as seen below, kindly help us understand how it is ordered currently and whether we are able to change it :

Thank you.

Hi @nabinhait,

Please do let me know if you are able to order it according to Ascending Serial No. We tried via Sort Field in Customize Form - unable to do so. Kindly advice if there is a workaround. Thank you. :

Change Sort Field to Serial No.

I’m working on this doctype and the field Serial No. does not display that dropdown, any ideas why? ErpNext V6

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