Stock Entry problem with account group


I want to make an opening stock (I didn’t do it when I created the item), so I’m making a big stock entry (material receipt) to begin to use ErpNext with my current stock.

But when I submit my new stock entry I have this error problem: “Stock Entry MAT-STE-2019-00001: Account 3-Comptes de Stocks et En-Cours - PDL cannot be a Group”

I don’t understand why I have this problem, this account “3-Comptes de Stocks et En-Cours - PDL” was generated by erpNext (in the begin) and it’s a root account: “This is a root account and cannot be edited.”.

Could you help me, please?

NB : I can’t post an image, i’m sorry.

@Raph01 looks like a problem with the account selected. The account should be a ledger and not a group node:

Alternatively, if the items are non-serialzed/batched, you can use Stock Reconciliation for entering the opening entries: Not Found

Thank you @kennethsequeira for your help.

@Raph01 can you confirm if using the Stock Reconciliation tool solved the issue?