Stock entry , production order link


i want to connect STE that has purpose as Material Issue with production order, i can make the fled appear and can be filled but i cant make it saved, how can i do that?

im looking around but i dont have any clue
please advise…



For now Production Order field in Stock Entry is available only for:

  • Material Transfer
  • Manufacture

Their is not Material Issue entry created against Production Order. May I know why you need to link Material Issue entry with Production Order?

Hi Umair,

Here my case ,
in the production i cant keep track of each material that used in production , but i can track the result , so i want to track the result daily but i want to enter the materials that prepared for all production in one go, so i think i need to create material issue ,since its not transfered , because i assumed that allocated materials is used from the start, and its also not manufatured because i cant enter all materials that i want to issues because i might issues materials for 1000 items but in one day just getting 100 in result, so if i put it in manufature it will give me error because total materials will be much more than the manufactured items

so i planned to create material issues for 1000 items (for example), but then i can create manufacturing STE that said today i just have 100 items as a result so far

or is there another way to do this?


This seems logical. Can you add a GitHub Issue for this.

No promise on delivery date though!