Stock Entry - Restrict to and Show ALL Items in Warehouse


I want to automate a manual process…

I suppose the two things I am looking for:

  • Is there a way to show all the batches in a specific warehouse, and make them easy to add to a Stock Entry.
  • Is there a way to restrict the entry/exit of items from a specific warehouse to a groups of users/role?

The Process
A purchased item is received and rejected due to a failed Quality Inspection (a defect or missing/incorrect paperwork).
A form is then filled out and the rejected item is then admitted in a secure room by a security group, to ensure it is not used in production until the issue is resolved.
If the issue is resolved, a form must filled out to justify the release from the secure room.

ERPNext Solution?
In ERPNext I can obviously setup a Warehouses for the rejected items on the Purchase Receipt and the secure room, i.e. Purchase Rejects and Security Room.

However, how can I use the Stock Entry system to transfer these items?
Ideally I would want to have a Stock Entry Purpose, say Secure Admission, so that when selected it will show all the items available in just the Purchase Rejects warehouse in the items? So the correct items can be selected? There may be more than one pending item from different users etc.
Can the selection of Secure Admission trigger a workflow so that it requires review from the Security group before it is authorised and transferred to the Security Room?

Can the inverse also work to release the items, so that a Stock Entry Purpose of Secure Release show all the items in the Security Room available.


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Hi @pmjd

Yes, this can be achieved using some customisation.
You can create a ‘Stock entry type’ called ‘Secure Admission’

and then

write some scripts as per your business logic.

Thanks @aa_prashant , creating the Stock Entry Type is the easy bit, it’s just the rest that’s the tricky part lol.

Do you have any insight on how to limit the movement of goods in/out of a specific warehouse to a set group of users/specific role?

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I can imagin what are you looking for, but as i said it has to be done through some customisation