Stock entry supplier info

Hi to all,
I have to add supplier info to my stock entry receipt material.
If I entrer in customize form I see a tab dedicated to supplier information that is what I need, but whe I try to insert a stock entry this tab is not visble.
I don’t see any rules or property in the form customization to set it visible.

What I have to do to show this tab on the form?

Because depends on condition already applied. so please check it.

It’s only visible, if the purpose is “Send to Subcontractor”

Is it possible to set it avaialble also for material receipt for defining from who the materail is arriving? if yes how I have tio modify that rules?


Adjust the condition; I haven’t tried and have no idea how to find the supplier, but give it a try. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to set it using server logic.

I meant what is the code to write for the OR condition.

I Solved use
eval:doc.purpose === "Send to Subcontractor" || doc.purpose === "Material Receipt"

What language is used for the condition evalution?Javascript?

Many thanks for the support

Yes …!