Stock entry transfer of finished goods from WIP to finished Goods has error eg "Item ADC is not a stock item"

Hi i have just finished submitting my job cards and now the final product is complete.Once i hit “finish” on my work order i am prompted to create a stock entry with type manufacture to move the finished products from WIP store to the finished goods store.Once i “Save” button i get the error:

"“ITEMADC is not a stock Item”

Where have i gone wrong?

Kindly assist

On the Item Master, check if you have selected “Maintain Stock” flag for the Finished Goods Item

@Manan_Shah Its currently not checked.If i try check and save, am unable as their is already existing transactions attached to this item i,e work order and BOM.

How can i go round this?

You will have to either

  1. Delete the transactions in the correct order keeping in mind the dependencies, or
  2. Create a separate item and make sure you have the right flags selected (correct configuration) before making any transactions

@Manan_Shah. Thank you. Your option 1 is what i have managed to do and it has worked.