"Stock in Transit" During Stock transfer


Some time warehouse locations are at different places and it take times to transfer/move physical stock between warehouses. In this situation two step stock transfer (stock out from Source warehouse to Transit and Transit to Stock in at Receiving warehouse) is more appropriate to reconcile stock balances. While exploring Erpnext features it seems to allow only one step stock transfer, meaning Stocks out from source warehouse and Stocks in to Receiving warehouse takes place at the same time. This might lead to confusion of physical stock differences.

Is there any option ways to avoid such situation?? Is it possible to consider “stock in transit” be introduced??


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quick and dirty fix I could think about would be adding a Warehoue “In Transit”.

then you make 2 moves (assuming it takes 3 days for goods to arrive in the destination warehouse)

  1. day1…3 units from Warehouse A ===> Warehouse “In Transit”
  2. day4…3 units from Warehouse “In Transit” ===> Warehouse B

is that too simplistic? I think you could even elaborate the “transit” warehouse to be assigned to a specific truck or specific driver, or whatever

:open_mouth: Simplistic!!! but this might end-up with too many warehouse and I think that it’s not the standard!!!

on the other end … if only “the standard” is hurt and it solves your problem.


You can do following customisation.
Select Purpose as Material Transfer and Type as Inward/ Outward.
For outward transfer set Target Warehouse as Transit Warehouse and For inward transfer set Source Warehouse as In Transit Warehouse as default.

You can also add custom field like driver name, reference stock entry number for extra information