Stock item and recurring service item in product bundle - setup how?

Dear community,

I have the following case, which I don’t know how to solve it properly in ERPnext:

We sell articles with multiple variants. Every article and every variant will be sold containing one article which we want to trace. This article also has a service model on it, which has to be billed recurringly.

So it kinda looks like this:

  1. Main article (one of the many variants)
    1a. Unique stocked (serialized?) article;
    1b. Recurring service model.

I have already made the main articles with multiple variants. At the moment I make two sales invoices per order. One invoice cointaining the main articles and one invoice containing the services. Of the sales invoice containing the services, we make a subscription. This works fine, but this makes me unable to trace the ‘1a. Unique stocked article’. It is important for me to trace the subscriptions along with the linked unique stocked article.

I cannot find a comparable situation explained on these forums or in the manuals. I would really like to know how you would setup my situation in ERPnext.

I have linked the subscription field to the serienumber form. This way we are able to see which serialized items are linked to which subscription (sales invoice).

Thanks for elaborating.

For managing 1a, you can use Product Bundle. Create a Product Bundle for variant (but currently it is only for the service items), and then select serialized item in it.

For 1b, if you want subscription to be managed for this item only, then you will have to create separate sales invoice for this item. You can update serial no. of 1a into the description of subscription invoice for your reference.

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Thanks for your information Umair!