Stock items issue for E-invoice systems


E-invoices are mandatory in many countries nowadays, and an essential step is to create selling items codes to be used in the e-invoicing, therefore we do generally create generic item numbers in stock like one number for screws and under this number, we are selling all types of the screw we have in the stock, in the same time as purchasing items we have many part numbers for screws for different sizes, material as well as shape, now when we are creating sales invoice we are using the generic item screws, so how we can link both numbers, create stock movement and have corresponding transactions on accounts.

Hi Abdel,

Is there a specific reason why you used Generic Item Codes and not a unique item code that uniquely identifies each item. You can sell and buy using this item code and if you have perpetual inventory enabled, you get to see the Income and the Cost of Goods Sold against every invoice.

Maybe there is something about E-Invoicing in your country that I am missing.



Actually, during E-invoie registration process with the tax authority, we have to submit as well items codes for sales, so as it’s a one-time job we did try to give them some generic codes with descriptions to fit almost all sales activities, and in meantime, our actual buying stock is variable as most of our jobs are Make to Order/Engineer, so we can’t keep requesting Tax authority to update our codes every once and while

What do you do when you decide to trade new items/SKUs? Is there another service where you can update your item catalogue by the government?

for that reason, we pick generic categories for example mobile and sell all mobile types under it, and for the same, we did carry analysis for all business scopes to identify possible sales items then identify a list and submit it to the government, but for example, if we want to sell new item (i.e. printers), then we have to make an additional request to tax authority and add it,
and as mentioned earlier we don’t have set of very defined items as we are a system integrator and most of our sales orders are made to order/engineer not to stock

Do you generate the e-document patterns by customization? If so, you may easily consider using Item Groups as your codes to the government/tax authority. If that is not the case, using variants is an alternative but that is another burden on the user. Possibly, the tax authority is only interested in the taxes applying to the item group.

you are right Authorities care only about sales invoices for tax purposes, but my problem, is how to record stock movements and adjust the balances, for example when I do sell an item code mobile, it will not reduce the stock of actual mobile code in the stock, did you get my point stock balances will remain the same forever as all sales orders will be based on other item codes not the buying ones

Of course. For that reason, an alias must be used for e-documents. Can be custom doctype link or even the item group may work. Suppliers will send invoices with different field use and data so eventually you’ll need to manually match/modify before accepting or issuing e-documents. The case needs to be looked in detail but solution is somehow quite basic.