Stock Items not appearing for Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt if NO Material Request

Hello Team,

I’m setting up a warehouse for a construction company. I’ve loaded all the common stock items.

I can pick these preloaded stock items when creating a Material Request. But sometimes the items are bought without a Material request, or even Purchase Order and they must be received (Purchase Receipt) at the Stores, in either of these last cases items do not get pulled from the Items Master if there is no Material Request.

Below: Wheelbarrow showing up in Material Request.

Below: Without a submitted Material Request for a Warehouse. Wheelbarrow will NOT show in the Purchase Order or Purchase Receipt.

The best “workaround” is to create a Material Request > PO > Material Receipt (Not really a workaround).
Otherwise creating a new item is the only other way.

This seems to be a workflow enforcement mechanism in ERPNext. Is there a way to disable it or workaround it?

Will appreciate some guidance.