Stock Ledger and General Ledger Mismatch

Hi, i am facing strange issue,
stock ledger and general ledger amounts are not matching, see below example, i’ve same issue with all invoices.
In General ledger, stock in hand is 19.77
and in Stock Ledger, if we calculate valuation rate * qty, so the rounded sum is 19.56
(0.294967 * 12)+(12.362637 * 1)+(1.827629 * 2) = 19.557499

Stock Ledger:

General Ledger:

Any help will be appreciated.

Yes, I noticed this too on my instance. It’s perhaps interesting to explore where the difference is gone. I think if the Currency Precision is set to 2 and the Float Precision is set to something else, you could end up having these errors.

Some time back when I checked, the Currency Precision would not work, it would still resolve to 2 decimals. Maybe you need to go in and change the Currency Precision to all the documents that hit the General Ledger to support the number of decimals you need. That could solve the problem. Or maybe the Round function should be changed to the Amount rather than the rate.

Either ways this is a bit weird and it would be nice if you’d get this fixed by at least submitting a github issue about this.

Hope this helps.



Hi @JayRam, thanks for reply,
yes in the system, float precision was set to 2, and currency to 9.
but i already tried setting both to 2 precision, but the results are same.

Try setting both to 9, make a new transaction and see if you get better outcomes.



I think something similar to this was recently reported and @Muzzy proffered a solution.Pls check the forum.