Stock Ledger Entry Double from Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice

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I wonder how this is even possible.

I have one case where Purchase Receipt and the related Purchase Invoice both created Stock Ledger Entry, so I ended up with double entries, but the funny thing is from the General Ledger side, the posting is correct.

General Ledger

Stock Ledger (from PREC-00022-2)

Stock Ledger (from PINV-00025)

The difference between the value in PREC-00022-2 and PINV-00025 is coming from Landed Cost Voucher.

But the main problem is

  1. I cannot delete PINV-00025 at all because it says it is linked to Stock Ledger Entry.
  2. And if I do a Return/Debit Note from PINV-00025 (without checking the box of Update Stock), the Stock Balance is not changed. And if I try to check the box of Update Stock, I cannot even Save at all, with the warning that Update Stock cannot be made against PREC-00022-2.
  3. I can do Return from PREC-00022-2, and the stock ledger will be correctly updated, but I cannot still do step 2.

Basically, the Accounting Ledger and the Stock Ledger (and Valuation) do not agree.

Please help and really appreciated.

Thank you.

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Dear All,

This is the Stock Balance Report from Warehouse “Stores - AIP” on 11th Jan 2017, which is 221,613,889.07.

And this is the General Ledger from Account “Stores - AIP” on 11th Jan 2017, which is 189,791,814.31.

The difference is exactly 31,822,074.76, which is the amount of PINV-00025.

Please tell me how to fix this.

Thank you.

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One more thing.

I tried to create a Stock Reconciliation. The Stock Balance is now showing the right quantity and the right currency amount, however, the Accounting General Ledger reduces the amount by how much I reconcile and puts the difference as Expense under “Stock Adjustment”.

So, I am back onto the same problem, having Stock Balance not having the same currency amount as the General Ledger.

I think the main problem is having double Stock Ledger Entries coming from both Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice, and being able to delete one of the Stock Ledger Entries will be the best way to solve this issue.

Thank you again.

I believe if you give delete permission for stock ledger entry under role permission manager you might able to delete that.

Hi @ushashmi

Thank you for the suggestion. I am already using the Admin user with Delete permissions. Whenever trying to delete those Stock Ledger Entries, it says that Submitted record cannot be deleted.

Best Rgds,

I have had similar issues. The purchase invoice added stock ledger entries even though Update Stock wasn’t ticked. I figured out the reason to be Landed Cost Voucher. A LCV was created against purchase invoice by manually copying PI’s reference number and pasting in LCV.

I figured it out and deleted the PI and all the linked stock ledger entries and payments. Created a PI with previous reference number, by updating serial in Naming Series. Was a pretty long process but all seems good now. However I did notice a minor error.

Stock ledger showed Balance Qty incorrectly for later entries, as the balance Qty wasn’t recalculated. Is there any way to recalculate all the balance qty or is deleting all entries and redoing them the only way? I’m really lost.