Stock ledger entry restoration

my stock ledger entry deleted and it should not be restored.for this i have to enable developer mode

is it possible to make stock ledger entry doc type and enter stocks i warehouse. plz suggestme

Hello @ami9559, What exactly are you trying to achieve?

my stock ledger entry doc deleted
i want to add items in warehouse but it shows error is any method to make other doc type and add element

What error are you getting. I’m not understanding your objective.

Stock Ledger Entries are created using Stock transactions. E.g. You can Make a Material Receipt and this will show in your Stock Ledger. But you can not and probably should not directly create a Stock Ledger Entry.

Go to:

  1. Stock
  2. Stock Entry
  3. List item
  4. New > Purpose > Material Receipt (or anything really)

error stock_ledger_entry module deleted

and table is missing

Did you do a recent server-side task, like an update or some operations on the database?

(Especially if you did), try bench --site site_name migrate

Also, I’m curious, why do you think the error is related to your Stock Ledger?

no i just delete stock ledger entry

How did you do this?

can u suggest me how i fix this error

Try reloading your cache. On the top bar, Click your User Name > Reload. Otherwise try the migration command as I’ve suggested.




how i open bench no idea about this

can u do it for me

open frappe-bench folder in terminal and run that command