Stock Ledger (Material Issue)/(Material Receipt)

In the stock entry form:
Q1. Under the Purpose Material Issue: If there is no default target store, then where I can track the material issued?
Q2. How to issue the material to shop floor against production order?
Q3. Under the Purpose Material Receipt: If there is no default source store then from where the materail will be recived?
Q4. If we want to receive the material back from shop floor, then how we will recceive the stock from shop floor to warehouse. If this will be done by stock transfer then what is the use of Material Receipt?

Material Issue -
Material Isue means ā€˜Materials out from warehousse by department for internal purpose of organization therefore no need of Target Warehouseā€™.

Material Receipt-
If we want to receive stock without purchase order, purchase receipt or without specifying source warehouse details then use ā€˜Material Receiptā€™ stock entry. Therefore, here ā€˜Source Warehouseā€™ details are not mandetory.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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