Stock Ledger not showing

Stock Ledger was displaying for some days, Stock entry was made, without no adjustment to the system, Stock ledger doesnt show

when i go to stock ledger, it shows blank pls help

Have you ran any upgrade recently?

No upgrade was made, even today in the morning i used the stock ledger

Stock Entry was made and the stock ledger disappeared, i cant identify the stock entry made that cause this error

@rohit_w what will be cause of this?

Please check if there’s any traceback in the browser console or the bench server trace

how can i check if there is any traceback in the browser console or the bench server trace?

Just paste whatever you see here:

I have change the computers, all the computers i have used refused to show the stock ledger

Then most likely the issue is on the server side.

Go back to the Stock Ledger page and check the browser console with the steps given here:

Paste a screenshot or the text of what you get (even if empty). That will help other users in assisting you in debugging the issue.

this link is how to open the browser console, there is no further discussion on what to do there

Open it and see if you are able to lines of errors there or not

i have done this, it is not showing anything, only showing html and css codes

What you saw were the webpage elements. Click the tab next to it named Console and check there