Stock Ledger & Stock Balance Filter Issue

Hello Everyone,

I’m using erpnext and frappe with the below mentioned versions;

ERPNext: v12.19.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.16.3 (version-12)

The issue is the Stock Ledger report & Stock Balance report doesn’t get filtered out based on the warehouse selected in the filter.

Is anyone facing the same issue in the mentioned versions?

Thanks & Regards,

post some screen shots

Attaching Screenshots below;

In the second image you can see that when i entered the warehouse, the list didn’t get filtered.

Maybe “reload” the page , the only thing that could affect the “not showing” could be the date range , although i do see that in the first and second images you have entries for 26-03-2021 …

When did the report start doing this(did it work before) , if you select any other warehouses does it do the same or does it filter down to that specific warehouse ?

It was working before, but after upgrading to newer version this issue occured. I have changed the date range too and even the warehouse, but still facing same issue.

not sure if anyone else is facing the same issue(community) , but will try spin up a vm with that version and check for you , i am using ver13 and it does work.

Ok, Thank you for looking into it.

Hi Sujay , ive created the vm and updated to the same version you have , all is working.

That’s strange… I’m not able to solve this issue.

By the way thank you so much for your response. Please let me know if you find any solution

If you know how to debug you may be able to catch an error or some sort of warning of some sort …