Stock Level Not Seen in Item Page

Hello I can’t see always stock levels in any item page after updating to V.13
Can anybody help me in this regard pls?

N.B: Sometimes “Stock Levels” get visible but if I just re-enter to that item page after a while, it is gone!

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Hey there,

we have the same issue like u’ve described.
Fun fact: The Stock Levels appear always after hitting 2 times refresh…

Does anyone has a solution for this?

Thank you in advance!

Just wanted to bump this topic, as we still experiencing the problem.

Updated to 13.1.0 … still having the same issue. :frowning:

Same issue here, Stock Levels section in Item page is randomly showing/hiding.

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ERPNext: v13.1.1 (version-13)

Frappe Framework: v13.1.2 (version-13)

Still got the same issue. :frowning:

Hi Guys, Anyone found the solution for the above, we are experiencing the same issue.

You can actually click on the view and it shows you the Stock Balance Charts but that does not solve the issue

Please help

This PR will fix the issue

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