Stock Liability Adjustment

Dear Members,

I have a situation here, As we are using erpnext for our all purchase and sell transaction, so my team follows below workflow.

For purchase.

Purchase Order >> Purchase Receipt>>Purchase Invoice.

For Sale

Sales Order>>Delivery Note>>Sales Invoice.

Now here is the problem, as the purchase and sales both users are having permission to create new Item and they have did the many mistakes, i.e. while purchase the purchase users had added the Item which has a name “Laptop” with maintain stock Item and Serial No Checked, and somehow while selling the sales user didn’t get the Item or Not able to understand the Item, so he has created the another Item named “Laptop1” and completed his transaction.

Now as far as I can understand the Items which purchase users have created is still there in stock and now they are appearing in the balance sheet as Stock Liability as they are the part of stock received but not billed, but in actual there is no such Item’s in the stock.

Now what can be the solution for a situation like this, should I have cancel all the purchase transaction and recreate them which is a very long process, or is there any other solution to this?

Your responses are appreciated, I request you to address this.

Theoretically this is the solution. Don’t think system would understand what to do in each situation.

Probably this is not the case.

Without receiving the item laptop1 through a purchase receipt, you cant complete the transaction via a delivery note.


This is the case coz creating item “Laptop1” the user didn’t check the maintain stock option.

Is there any way by passing journal entries or doing some adjustments this thing can be achieved?

Post a stock entry with purpose ‘Material Issue’. This will reduce the stock balance.