Stock Locations (Item Dimensions) "Rack" How?


We are running V14.

I see that in the docs there is a “Shelf” implemented. Towards the bottom of the document, a screenshot shows “Rack” also implemented.

We would need this for stock keeping and I would rather not make a warehouse for each of our over 500 locations.

Function would be needed: (We only need a single dimension as rack and shelf are both in the same barcode)

  • Locations have it’s own QTY
  • Adjustments and deliveries made to location inside the warehouse and not a warehouse as a whole
  • Single item may have multiple locations

Any suggestions on the best methods to go about implementing this?

Edit: Added need to have the locations/shelf separated in Item->Dashboard(Tab)->Stock Levels
Edit2: Seems another method is that I can add all 500+ locations as individual warehouses but only 1 by 1 manually

Try edit 2 but instead of one by one. You can use the data import feature. @plague69