Stock maintenance and overall business operations

We are currently testing ERPNext for our firm and would like to get following question answered. So, far the system looks great for us, but need following clarified.

We print various lables and stickers for our clients and following is our business process.

  1. We receive an order for batch of stickers from our client. Say 10,000 quantity of 2" x 2" stickers with a barcode printed.
  2. The sales order has a line item β€œ2x2 stickers - 10,000”
  3. Stickers are printed usually on A4 size blank sheets therefore, we order required A4 size blank stickers from a supplier.
  4. A4 blank papers come in to our printers and we do printing and cutting to have 2x2 stickers.
  5. Lets say we now have 500 A4 papers in our stock.
  6. Since we have created the sales order for β€œ2x2 stickers” when we complete the printing we update the stock for 2x2 sticker items.
  7. Once A4 sheets come into our stock we do not make anything for them within the system. So, the stock of A4 continue to grow as they are not updated as consumed within the ERP.
  8. Apart from A4 papers we have other consumables like Ink which does not get updated in the inventory as they are consumed.
  9. We are not using manufacturing module as it is too much of complication for our company.

Could you please suggest a way where we could update A4 sheet inventory so that indicates they are consumed? Best would be if we could avoid manufacturing module.

Thank you!

You can put an issue entry using Stock Entry form to show that the your material has been consumed or if you do not want to maintain the inventory then you can unmark the maintain stock check box in Item Master.


A quick reply. Thank you!. I would do a Stock Entry as we want to track them.

@tglk you can also use Stock Reconciliation if want to do this on a periodic basis. Stock Reconciliation - YouTube