Stock Maintenance

Hi there,

Is it possible to maintain employee own stock?
What i mean is that there are many valuable things that are issued from stock to companies own employee.
So When employee leaves the company, the company could ask for handing over those items from the employee after knowing what items have been issued to the employee.
And creating individual warehouse for employees is not a good practice.
More over there is no way to capture details from the stock entry whether who took the material even if it is our own employee or some vendor, i.e. even for supplier there would be a person who would come to issue those material or if employee takes the material itself.

So it would be great if we could capture these information.

Thanks & Regards,
Ujjawal A Jain

You can add a Custom Link field for Employee on the Stock Entry.

Still it wont solve problem to intimate what all items are issued to him.

Once you have added the field on the stock entry, you can then add the column to Stock entry report as well so that you can see what items are issued to which employees etc.

Hope that would solve your problem.

Still balance wont be manageable isnt it?