Stock- Make- Multiple Variants Short List

Hi All,

I have product that have Colour variant about > 70 types.
it’s for clothes (Retail),

When I want to make Variant, firstly it’s not sorted by “attribute value”, I can solve this problem using “Customize Form” → “Item Attribute Value”. now it’s sort out.

But the next problem is when making multiple variants, it only shows 20 variant. how to customize this so it can show all of variant, or may be can show search field.

there is another workaround using single variant, but I think it will be inneffective to user.

Thanks you.

Hi @Muh_Noor_Amin,

This has been corrected in develop branch: Multiple variant modal correction by chdecultot · Pull Request #12424 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

It should be merged in production in the next weeks :wink:

thank you sir , sorry i am new on github, dont know if already there :slight_smile:

waiting for the merge next week :star_struck: