Stock Management

I want to clear all the stock ledgers, I have deleted all the stock entries. but still, shows previous entries and balance. Need Help!!!

What do you mean “deleted all stock entries”?

Stock impact can be from multiple stock transactions, cancelling them should be enough. Deletion isn’t really required.

Maybe you’re better of using “Transaction deletion tool” Delete Company Transactions

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I have created some purchase invoices for testing purposes and deleted them now, now I need the stock to show zero balance and quantity, but it is still showing previous transactions.

Did you inward stock from the purchase invoice or Purchase Receipt? Cancelling and deleting the inward transactions will bring the stock back to 0.

I have canceled the purchase invoices but the stock has not come back to zero.

Unable to find “Transaction Deletion Tool”…

Try going to the Company Master and deleting all transactions from the Company Master. There is a button there to Clear all transactions.

Masters won’t get deleted, just the transactions.

Hope this helps.