Stock Material transfer Transaction viewing

hi i am really confuse about the transaction viewing of material transfer. i want to do the following i have 3 warehouses as you can see the image below each warehouse has a stock user.whview
I wanted to restrict the transaction of the transfer if WAREHOUSE A transferred stocks to WAREHOUSE B then WAREHOUSE C CANNOT see THAT transactions. only A and B warehouses can access that transfer transaction. Is it possible to do this on erpnext.
My current situation is this : ALL warehouses can see all there transferring even though they are not involve on the transaction…
Ive been testing on the role permission manager on stock entry users the result is different they can see only there transactions applied but the recipient of that transaction cant see that…

Try setting permissions on User

Add permission on specific users handling certain warehouses. Permit them Warehouse and set a specific warehouse

see if there is any change or not.

if i set a default warehouse to a user on user permission they cant send to another warehouse.

give permission on all warehouses that user is authorized to transfer and see if you achieve the desired effect

it does’nt work for me. i forgot to mention i have a workflow what i did this is what i do
stock user -----apply----> branch manager----approved----> stock receiver-------->received
|______________________________ REJECT___________________________________|

hmmm but is the workflow going to affect that ? I don’t think so.

still what happened ? were they not able to see anything or they were still seeing everything

they were still seeing everything .Is it OK, that the branch manager and stock receiver on my workflow has the same permissions? i test a lot on the stock entry permission on role permission manager if i check the apply user permissions they can see only there transaction that they made but not the coming transactions.Then if i unchecked it they will see everything from other warehouse …
should i separate the branch manager and stock receiver user??

I don’t know about this. Like what permissions ? However stock receiver should be able to submit the Stock Entries/Delivery Notes etc.

Also, in Role Permissions Manager, is ‘Apply User Permissions’ checked or ticked to yes on DocType Stock Entry or not ?. Please check it.

You can try another way to restrict. You can (in the stock user role) check a yes on the ‘If Owner’ or ‘If Creator’ (if you are on newer version) - then he/she will only be able to interact with entries they have created. But it restricts on the basis of who created the request rather than which warehouse is being transacted with it and you need the latter one.