Stock Movement with bundles

Am I missing something

We have a stock item. Called Item 1
Now, whenever we make a sale, or buy these in we can see the stock movement in the ledger. Great


We also sell item 1 as part of a bundle for Item 2

When we sell item 2, then stocks for item one are adjsuted. Great


I can’t see that stock movement for item 1 in the ledger for item 1

Why is this important? Because we can see on item 1 that 10 are reserved but we can’t see why. We have to think of every bundle it is part of click through those until we find the right one

Where can I see ALL stock movements for Item 1?

Perhaps you are referring to the report of open sales order for bundled item. creating a custom report on these lines should help.

  1. Custom Report on Sales Order
  2. Select columns as required in the report. Also select columns from the Packed Item table.
  3. Apply filter on the sales order as “pending to deliver”
  4. Apply filter on the item code for which you wish to see the report.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, that will do the trick