Stock not update even after purchase receipt and payment is done

I am trying to update purchased items into my stock in selected warehouse even if pay against that purchase receipt.

the procedure I followed is I had created 1 sales order and to complete that order I have to purchase some items, I had requested some quotations from my suppliers, then I generated purchase order against that, I made purchase receipt , then payment.

but still stock is not updated into selected warehouse. Please help if i am wrong somewhere, urgent reply requested

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Hi @shaveta_puri! May I know where are you checking if your stocks were updated? Mine is working fine. Once I submitted my Purchase Receipt, stocks are automatically added in my warehouse. You can check it in Stock Ledger or Warehouse Windows. Hope this helps!

thanks for the reply @creamdory, yes I checked in stock ledger also in warehouses but its not updated

Also I got "Stock cannot be updated against Purchase Receipt " this message when I try to create purchase invoice against purchase receipt.

Hi @shaveta_puri! Did you happen to do something with your warehouse like change it from group to non-group? I happen to find this thread about the same error.


I tried what you this link suggested but I am facing an issue please see an attached screen shot

All warehouse is grouped and parent of all other warhouses available.

If I choose another warehouse that is not grouped this it shows this message " Warehouses with existing transaction can not be converted to group."

Hi @shaveta_puri. ou might have a different case. Anway, did you happen to check if in your item setting you have checked “Maintain Stock”? If you have unchecked that, it means your item is not a “stock” item. Thus, no stock will be updated in warehouse when received. You can check it in Item Doctype. It is a checkbox labeled “Maintain Stock”.

Hi @creamdory thanks, this solve my problem thanks, I need some more help please can you guide me regarding production planning tool, how can I start with it, hen and how to create production order

@shaveta_puri You should check the manual first, and see if you can figure it out.

Hi @shaveta_puri. you can check the manual above and if you get stuck along the way, feel free to browse on previous threads here. And if still you haven’t found the same use case, you can ask the community. Good luck and thanks!