Stock Projected Qty: What is "Reserved Qty for Production"?

In the Stock Projected Qty report as per the user manual, I could understand meanings of all the columns, expect for the Reserved Qty for Production.


When Production Order is created, reserve/planned qty should be updated for the raw-material item.

Reserved Quantity - Those many quantity you have ordered for sale.
Only Submitted Sales order will be affected ,not draft SO


Suppose SO-0001 submitted ,in that item 1 qty is 30
in SO-0002 submitted ,in that same item1 has qty=40

then your Reserved qty will be 70 for that item 1

Now ,when you actually make Delivery Note against that SO-0001 or SO-0002 then Reserved quantity get less.

There are two columns in the Stock Projected Qty report,

Had the same question

@aakvatech, when you create a “Work Order” and submit it. The required components as per the BOM are reserved in the respective “default” warehouses of the raw material required.

Is the quantity only reserved when the work order is completed?
Ex I have a situation where two separate Sales Orders were submitted with the same items needed in the nested BOMs. When creating the Material request for the second production plan it recognizes the materials requested for the first as projected quantity and only orders the remainder.

Is the quantity only reserved when the work order is completed?

Qty is reserved when the work order is created. The reserved qty reduced if required items are transferred or if the Work Order is completed.