Stock Projected Quantity - How to edit planned quantities?

As I scheduled Production Orders, but before the production is started, shouldn’t all the BOM required quantities move to the "Planned"category of the Stock Projected Quantity report? I can only see the finished product’s new planned quantity, with the amount increased, but I cannot see the raw materials that are planned to be used. Is there something wrong?

The “Requested Items to be Transferred” report shows nothing.

Planned qty is only for manufacturing

Do you you have open Material Requests for transfer?

If you could be so kind to help me out on the procedure. I have the raw materials in stock (100), and I start a production order that will transform 10 into a new product (1). So I make the production order and in the projected qty report it shows that the new product is planned to have 1 more in the future. HOWEVER, the raw materials do not show that will be decreased in the ‘planned qty’ column. Shouldn’t this be the case?

After I start production and request materials to be transferred, after the stock entry is submitted, the raw product quantity decreases to 90, but I wanted to be able to forecast which raw materials will go out of stock beforehand, by planning many production orders into the future.

Am I missing something? Thank you a lot

I would like to open this issue again. Whether I make a production order (planned), or request a material transfer, the Stock Projected Qty report does not show how many units are planned or requested. The only thing that shows up on that report is the projected quantity of the finished product after I started a production order.