Stock qty/uom in Material Request

Hello everybody,

i didn’t understand the item>Conversation factor and material request>stock uom/qty relationship,

Item Properties

item stock uom= Nos,
item default purchase uom = square meter
1 Nos = 28 Square Meter
conversation factors as below:
Nos = 1
square meter= 28

Material Request Properties:

Material request type: Purchase
when i create an material request and type 20 in qty

So Questions:
1. am i open this request as Nos or square meter?
2. if i am opening my request as Nos stock quantity isn’t suppose to be 20?
3. if i am opening my request as Square Meter stock quantity isn’t suppose to be 0.71?

could some one clarify this for me i am so confused about that.

You have to define the UOM Conversion Factor as: UOM = Stock UOM * Conversion Factor. So, in your case, if Nos is the Stock UOM, you have to define conversion factor 1 of the UOM = How many of the Stock UOM. So, 1 Square Meter = How many Nos. And the answer to that is 1/28.

Hope this helps.




thank you for replay @JayRam, i got it