Stock quantity in Pos window

I used ErpNext v4 Pos. There i used to get Stock quantity of any item that i selected, under quantity bar.
In V5 when i select item, it doesn’t show me stock quantity. Has that feature been removed? or can i enable it from settings?




Thanks for reporting this issue. I have created Github Issue for the same.


Mr. Umair hopefuly you are fine and doing great. How can i enable developer
mode for Erpnext for customization, can you please help?

Hi MuhammadUmar,


  1. Go to your respective site name
    2.Open file i.e site_config.json
  2. enter line as “developer_mode”:1
  3. save it
    (if you are opening file via terminal then
    -go to respective site
    -enter command as - vim site_config.json
  • Press “Insert” button
  • enter line as “developer_mode”:1 (with double quote)
  • save file (for saving file press- “Esc” then enter - :wq )

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

@shraddha, what is the command to go to respective site? Tks

On Terminal
1.Go to respective directory OR folder(where you installed setup)
-cd folder name/frappe-bench/sites/site name
(site name - means at the time of installing setup whatever you have given site name)
-vim site_config.json