Stock, raw materias and purchasings

Dear colleagues,
I have a raw material supplier abroad. The advance prepayment for raw materials is 100%.
In the system, I input this spending as a Purchase Invoice, but I can not immediately update the stock, since, in fact, the delivery is on average 3 months.
When the raw materials physically come, how should I input it to the stock? Option with cancellation or modification of Purchase Invoice seems extremely wrong. It has to be the correct way.

You can create Purchase Receipt from the Invoice and that receipt on submission will update the stock. You can do it when you receive the stock.

Also do not worry if you receive stock in partial shipments. Simply input what you received. ERPNext will take care of the shipment limits as mentioned in Purchase Order.

Ok. If I create Purchase Invoice first, there is no ability to create purchase receipt from it:

I didn’t tap on the cell “update sock”. If I tap in-stock will update immediately.
All i can do:

  1. Create purchase order
  2. Create purchase invoice
  3. Create purchase receipt
    In this case, I have no idea how to update stock after real delivery if I have paid several months before and money has left my account.
    Sorry, may be I did not get the idea)))

If you go back one level, the “Make” options change to suit the available options

Ah okay, you can create receipts from the relevant Purchase Order after creating Invoice. There is a difference between the versions we use hence the issue.

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Thank u for advice:pray:

Ok, the solution for situation is following:

  1. Purchase order
  2. Payment
    3.Purchase reciept
    4.Purchase invoise (with notification of advance payment (payment u did in step #2)

In this case u can pay in advance and update your stock by the fact of delivery