Stock Received But Not Billed - Discount

Hi ,

Took a while to figure out. The situation is

I receive 100$ worth of goods as and enter in purchase receipt.
Later after discussion the actual price of the invoice i receive is 90$ and 10$ discount so i create a purchase invoice with the rate of 100 and 10 discount in the Additional Discount Amount .

I endup 10$ in Stock Received But Not Billed . End of the year i have a large chuck of amount build up in this account .

Whats the best way to clear this and close the account .

Suggestions appreciated .


I think you may have to make a journal entry between the “Stock received but not billed” a/c and your “discount a/c”


I have the same issue, I tried doing adjustment through Journal Entry but shows error:

Account: Stock Received But Not Billed - SHK can only be updated via Stock Transactions


Maybe you can try Stock Reconciliation