Stock reconciliation calculation and gross profit

Hi Everyone i am new to ERPNext facing some issue in stock reconciliation due to we are selling multiple qualities with diff names for the same product (means purchase as single product and selling with diff name based on quality) due to this we are unable to make stock reconciliation correctly
for EX : we buy product A and sell it as A, A-premium, A-Regular etc with diff rates but purchase entry as A only in reconciliation it was showing wrong numbers due to not considering A-premium and A-regular to deduct from the stock also while updating wastage in the end of the day for each category also making same issue in reconciliation and again another issue is while taking the Gross Profit based on item wise(Gross profit under accounts section) it was again showing wrong num due to it is considering only item A selling price but not considering weighted average selling price of all 3 categories for gross profit calculation plz provide help on avoiding all these issues


You should use item variant for this purpose.