Stock Reconciliation - Different UOM between Purchase and Manufacturing


I’m facing a question here. I purchase some items in Kg, and use them in ug, or g.

When I do a stock reconciliation, I just can use the purchase uom (right?).

How can I do to ajust it to the comsumption uom?


Have you added th UOM to the Units of Measure section of the Item ?


Also, did some tests… And figured out what’s happening.

The main UOM is the ‘consumption’. And I have to use it in all the system, but Purchase. Simple like that.

To achieve what i need, I’m using the UOM section, to convert units between consumption and purchase units:

That is a bug? Because the #s is inverted… But… is how my conversion works correctly…

Did you choose the UOM from the dropdown choices and have the conversions factors provided automatically or enter them manually?

I chose the UOM from dropdowns, but had to input the conversion factors manually…

If you plug it into the item master, you wouldn’t need to key it in manually!



Yes! I did it…

But, I just got confused about the “cross logic” in the conversion table!


I choosed from dropdowns, and had to enter the conversion factors manually…