Stock Reconciliation Error, erpnext v12.10.1

I did a new Stock Reconciliation using upload for 233 items
when I save and Submit, it seems ok and no error showing
But when i check stock ledger the number of items only shows 54 item.
I go back to the Stock Reconciliation its also only show 54 item listed / the remaining is gone but no error on the screen.
I try to refresh the browser still shows 54 items.
What did I do wrong ?
The csv format i got from the system (download) and not changing anything on the template.
I try to check for error in the frappe-bench / log but can not find something unusual.
Actualy the original file upload was 404 items, the ledger only shows 85 items.
So I cut the items to 233 rows, the ledger only shows 54 items.
I there any problem with my data that I should look out?

How to check ?


Hi, if the qty of the items is same as earlier then they are removed automatically when you submit the stock recon.

Thanks for your fast reply, ok if that is the case then its all good then.
I will check again my data and go back to post the result
Thank you again.

Best regards

Hi Prasanna_CSA,

Yes, you are right
I have checked my data and its shows exactly the right number of rows that have different qty as my stock reconciliation result.


:+1: :+1: